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Corporate Social Investment

Efficient Group is committed to making a contribution to economic and social development through active participation in community enrichment projects. Our social responsibility program encourages involvement from all employees, and we strive to deliver life-changing, sustainable benefits to those in need. We have formed lasting relationships with several local non-profit organisations to provide essential resources and services.

Our Principles

Efficient Group's ongoing corporate social investment goals are guided by the following principles:

  • Developing human resources for sustainable advancement.
  • Providing positive social support that makes practical and meaningful business sense for shareholders, investors, employees and the community.


Efficient has enabled the Trust to change the lives of many children with chronic and life-limiting conditions. The Trust is about creating initiatives which bring hope, dignity and a sense of community to our young beneficiaries and their families. The Super Sam Hero vehicle initiative is the key project that the Efficient Group has chosen to support. Read more about Footprints 4 Sam.

Through choosing to support The Footprints 4 Sam Trust, and their key Super Sam Hero vehicle initiative, Efficient Group committed to walking hand-in-hand with Footprints 4 Sam to change lives one footprint at a time. Or should we say changing lives one kilometre at a time. 

The Trust’s six key initiatives which support both child and family consist of:

  1. The Super Sam Hero vehicle initiative,
  2. The bucket initiative,
  3. The Support Group initiative for parents,
  4. Advocacy initiative,
  5. WIFI initiative, and
  6. The Beautiful Memory initiative.

This charitable assistance to Footprints 4 Sam was granted as part of the Group’s Corporate Social Economic Development initiative and we confirm that the assistance provided has benefited (91+%) black beneficiaries with “black” meeting the definition as per the 2007 BBBEEE Codes of Good Practice.






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