Fiduciary Services: Wills and Trust

As your lifelong financial well-being partner, we include all of your life stages in our financial planning.

One of the core, but often neglected, aspects of financial planning is the development of a comprehensive estate plan. In some instances, this could be as simple as ensuring that your last Will and Testament is adequately structured to cater for the future needs of your family. In more complex instances, significantly more complex structuring could be required.

Efficient Board of Executors (EFBOE) is a division of the Efficient Group. We provide you with access to extensive expertise in trust and executorship services, enabling the creation of an estate plan that caters for your specific and ever-changing needs and circumstances. Regardless of the level of complexity of your estate, EFBOE has the right solution for you!

Our Offering

  • Estate and succession planning
  • Will consultation and drafting
  • Inter vivos and testamentary trust consultation and drafting
  • Deceased and insolvent estate administration and liquidation
  • Independent secretarial services
  • Independent consultation services
  • Independent trust services


  • A single point of access to cater for all of your fiduciary needs
  • Access to specialist staff, which ensures professional and appropriate advice
  • The backing of an established national brand and infrastructure
  • Negotiable fee structures in respect of administration services for Wills, trusts, and estates