Business Solutions

We understand that your wealth cannot be separated from your health, and that is why your financial welfare cannot be separated from your physical well-being.

The healthcare industry consists of countless healthcare service providers offering their own cost and benefit structures. The number of providers makes it time-consuming and confusing for most people to choose the right healthcare option that perfectly aligns with their unique needs.

Employee Benefits

Efficiency is most effective when it enhances human capital through meaningful and attractive benefits. By offering attractive benefits, you not only ensure employee health and safety, but also peace of mind to those that help to grow and to uplift our communities.

Business Assurance

At the Efficient Group, we are dutybound to reduce economic inequality in South Africa and, by doing so, we need to protect and grow our economy. This includes providing sound, informative, and knowledgeable advice to business owners.


Stockbroking in South Africa has historically been perceived as a service reserved for the wealthy and technically astute, and is, therefore, avoided by many investors owing to the apparent complexity of the stock exchange. Efficient Wealth (EFW), a division of the Efficient Group, in consultation with one of South Africa’s leading stockbroking firms.

Cash Management

Regardless of your investment strategy, investment horizon, and risk profile, it is always wise to ensure that a portion of your investment portfolio is liquid and available at short notice, or within a timeframe that is suited to your specific needs. The effective returns on this type of investment.

Fiduciary Services

As your lifelong financial well-being partner, we include all of your life stages in our financial planning. One of the core, but often neglected, aspects of financial planning is the development of a comprehensive estate plan. In some instances, this could be as simple as ensuring that your last Will and Testament is adequately structured to cater for the future needs of your family.

Benefit Consulting

Efficient Benefit Consulting (EFBC), a division of the Efficient Group, offers a comprehensive value proposition in financial services to private clients, corporate clients, and institutional clients. We specialise in independent employee benefit consulting that focusses on providing customised, value-added retirement fund solutions to members, employers, and boards of trustees.