Cash Management

Regardless of your investment strategy, investment horizon, and risk profile, it is always wise to ensure that a portion of your investment portfolio is liquid and available at short notice, or within a timeframe that is suited to your specific needs.

The effective returns on this type of investment, however, vary significantly across different timeframes. It is, therefore, important to ensure that these liquid funds are invested to achieve optimal returns.

In partnership with Efficient Wealth (EFW), we provide you with a tailored solution that will cater for your specific liquidity and cash management needs. Whether from a personal or business perspective, we have dedicated financial advisors equipped to advise you on the term structure and investment alternatives that are most suited to you!

Our Offering

  • Money market
  • Call deposits
  • Term deposits
  • Fixed deposits
  • 32-day notice deposits


  • A single point of contact for all cash management needs
  • The potential to enhance yields on excess cash
  • Immediate and easy access to excess cash
  • Independent and unbiased advice