About Us

Core Business

Our core business entails the delivery of efficient, sustainable, and accessible financial services that benefit individuals and businesses.

This is achieved through a multitude of financial solutions and clusters to appropriately address a myriad of diverse needs, requirements, and expectations.

Who we are and what do we do

The Efficient Group was established in 2002, primarily as an asset management company.

Today, we are a diversified financial services group focussed on professional advice, quality services, and tailor-made investment products across the financial services value chain.

Our story

We live in one of the most unequal countries in the world.

As the Efficient Group, we are aware of this, and we have a strong sense of purpose – we do what we do because we are dutybound to reduce economic inequality in South Africa.

Board of Directors

The Efficient Group’s unitary Board comprises four executive directors, four non-executive directors, and two alternate directors who represent significant shareholders.

Vision, Mission and Values

For every one to attain financial well-being.

Corporate Governance

The Efficient Group is a financial services business. Corporate governance and compliance are key components in our process of delivering financial products and services to clients.

Corporate Social Investment

The Efficient Group is committed to and passionate about making a contribution to economic and social development through active participation in community-enrichment projects.

Our Acquisitions

The Efficient Group has embarked on a programmatic acquisition strategy as we are constantly looking for new acquisition opportunities in the South African market.

Join the Team

The Efficient Group’s people are passionate entrepreneurs that pursue opportunities. We care deeply about our clients and are committed to a set of ethical beliefs that steer our actions.


The financial services sector in South Africa has strict legislation in place to ensure product reliability and legislative compliance on the part of Financial Services Providers.


Disclaimer for Efficient Group (Pty) Ltd (“EFG”) and subsidiaries (collectively referred to as the “Group”.) Disclaimer for Efficient Group (Pty) Ltd (EFG) and subsidiaries, collectively referred to as “the Group”

Sustainability and Transformation

Retaining a competitive advantage requires a perfect balance between strategy and execution, process and administration, and value versus cost.