Our Story

We live in one of the most unequal countries in the world.

As the Efficient Group, we are aware of this, and we have a strong sense of purpose – we do what we do because we are dutybound to reduce economic inequality in South Africa. The reality that many South Africans face is that financial advice is not easily attained. Ironically, for those who need it the most, it appears to be the furthest out of reach.

We started the Efficient Group at a time when financial advice was largely a sales function. For the most part, policies were sold to people without fully understanding their needs and evolving circumstances. As our business evolved, our connection to the people that we serve also evolved. Today, our approach is one of establishing trusted relationships between clients and financial professionals (like financial advisors, business partners, investment specialists, and product providers), where we become the financial planning partner throughout the seasons of our clients’ lives.

Helping people attain their financial well-being and economic security is what we do.

Why? Because of you, our valued client.