Individual Solutions

Financial Planning

As your lifelong financial well-being partner, we do not make light of your money because we know how hard you have worked for it. Financial planning demands an accurate assessment of your immediate and future financial needs. This requires a thorough and intuitive understanding of you and your family’s unique circumstances to ensure that every need eventuality is catered for.


The healthcare industry consists of countless healthcare service providers offering their own cost and benefit structures. The number of providers makes it time-consuming and confusing for most people to choose the right healthcare option that perfectly aligns with their unique needs.

Investment Management

We understand that the investment environment offers a range of investment options, each with its own risk, return, term, tax, and legal considerations. Individuals are often overwhelmed by all of the factors to consider when it comes to investing their hard-earned money. A single uninformed decision can have a significant impact on the eventual outcome of your investment strategy.

Life Assurance

Although life assurance, personal risk cover, income protection, life cover, and dread disease cover are often perceived as ‘grudge purchases’, the risk of not adequately insuring yourself and your family can be catastrophic. As such, this often neglected element of your financial plan is of the utmost importance.

Short-term Insurance

Short-term insurance is an extremely important aspect of risk management within any financial plan, whether catered to an individual client or a business. Although short-term, car, and household insurance is a significant aspect of financial planning and, ultimately, wealth protection, it is often not adequately assessed and seldom forms part of a comprehensive financial plan.

Fiduciary Services: Wills and Trust

As your lifelong financial well-being partner, we include all of your life stages in our financial planning. One of the core, but often neglected, aspects of financial planning is the development of a comprehensive estate plan. In some instances, this could be as simple as ensuring that your last Will and Testament is adequately structured to cater for the future needs of your family.