Financial Planning

As your lifelong financial well-being partner, we do not make light of your money because we know how hard you have worked for it.

Financial planning demands an accurate assessment of your immediate and future financial needs. This requires a thorough and intuitive understanding of you and your family’s unique circumstances to ensure that every need eventuality is catered for.

At Efficient Wealth (EFW), a division of the Efficient Group, we have developed a comprehensive Financial Needs Analysis system. This system ensures that our highly-qualified financial advisors have access to world-class technology that is up to date and attuned to accommodate the ever-changing financial services environment.

When partnering with us, you can rest assured that our holistic analysis of your unique needs, together with the appropriately structured advice of our financial advisors, will culminate in a flexible and easy-to-understand personal financial plan. Our financial advisors have the required expertise and experience to provide you with a financial plan that is right for you!

Our Offering

  • Immediate and future needs planning
  • Certified retirement planners
  • Disability and dread disease planning
  • Estate planning
  • Estate duty and capital gains tax
  • Income tax