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The Efficient Group’s people are passionate entrepreneurs that pursue opportunities. We care deeply about our clients and are committed to a set of ethical beliefs that steer our actions.

“What has not changed at Efficient over the years are its entrepreneurial spirit and opportunities created and presented to its employees.” Heiko Weidhase, Group CEO

The Efficient Group’s definition of success is not based solely on profit, revenue levels, or market share. The satisfaction, productivity, and advancement of our employees are equally important to us. Our employees are the face of the Group; the people who sell our products and services to our clients. Ensuring that we keep our employees happy, healthy, and engaged is an ongoing process of refining existing benefits and introducing new benefits, both tangible and intangible. The collective power of an engaged and satisfied workforce will enable us to continue taking the Group to new levels of innovation and growth.


The Group has adopted and implemented the Efficient values of integrity, respect, accountability, professionalism, and excellence, in all of our business operations:

  • Integrity means that we must build trust and form strong relationships with all of our stakeholders. It entails acting consistently within our values, i.e. to be honest, trustworthy and transparent, and to always act in accordance with the highest ethical standards
  • Respect means that we must actively listen to others, respond appropriately to what they have to say, work effectively with diverse people, and be willing to learn from others
  • Accountability means that we must be prepared to take responsibility for our work, make commitments, find solutions, and be held accountable for delivery and results
  • Professionalism means that we must act with the necessary skill, care, and diligence required of members of our profession, and that we must understand and comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, as well as the Codes of Conduct issued by the regulatory authorities that govern us
  • Excellence means that we must be passionate about our work and committed to achieving our goals, always looking for innovative and creative ways to realise the Group’s vision

These values, together with the behaviour identified for each of them, provide general guidelines as to how we interact with each other and our stakeholders, as well as reflect what is important to us and how we conduct ourselves:

  • Client-centric means that we are accountable, focussed on customer experience, treat our clients fairly, and provide the Efficient Experience
  • Performance-focussed means that our eyes are set on our strategic goals; we focus on quality and excellence by following modelled leadership and measuring our performance
  • Transparent means that we provide full disclosure with honesty and clarity; there is no fine print
  • Engaging means that we participate, are always approachable, and are proactively accessible
  • Intrapreneurial means that our empowering and supportive model provides a platform for entrepreneurs to be part of a larger organisation and to share the ownership of ethics and compliance
  • Committed means that we are committed to our values, vision, strategy, and to building wealth for our clients
  • Teamwork means that we trust each other, are interdependent, adapt quickly, and combine our strengths


We are always looking for talented professionals to join our team. Send a copy of your CV and academic transcripts to


With more than 200 financial advisors throughout the country and a client base of more than 80 000, Efficient Wealth is one of the largest independent intermediary financial services providers in South Africa.

We understand the nuances of personal service, and know the absolute value of building enduring relationships with our clients. We recognise the role that our certified financial planners, fund managers, and advisors play in honouring this commitment, and in growing our business. To support them in this, we offer a full range of advisory services.

Financial advisor criteria

  • Regulatory examinations successfully completed
  • A minimum of five years’ experience
  • An appropriate financial services qualification
  • CFP® certification will be an advantage
  • Honesty, integrity, and good standing

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Our Efficient Wealth Mentorship Programme

Through our mentorship programme, we recruit and assign designated-group candidates to senior managers who, in turn, are tasked with providing them with support and guidance. In this way, paraplanners are given the rare opportunity to progress professionally and to mature into certified financial planners.

If you are a final-year student completing a BCom or BSc degree, or a young working professional with less than two years’ work experience, you are the person that we are looking for!

If you are interested in making the most of this mentoring opportunity, please send your CV to