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The financial services sector in South Africa has strict legislation in place to ensure product reliability and legislative compliance on the part of Financial Services Providers.

At Efficient we believe that stringent compliance processes protect our clients, stakeholders and safeguard good business practices. We are completely committed to comply with the legislation and to always act with due skill, care and diligence.

Compliance legislation


Please note: While we try to keep the information up to date on this page, these acts may be amended from time to time by way of amendment acts or additional regulations by the South African government.

For the latest legislative releases, please go to

Internal Compliance Policies


We are committed to conducting business in an ethical manner and adhere to a Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics is supported by other workplace policies developed to protect our staff and stakeholders from unethical and fraudulent behaviour. In addition staff and clients have access to our Anonymous Tip-offs page.

Also, please find our Memorandum of Incorporation - Efficient Group Memorandum Of Incorporation

Other compliance policies:


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