Holistic financial advice: The key to wealth, health and happiness

Dr Francois Stofberg, Senior Economist at Efficient Wealth

Holistic financial advice considers you as a whole, looking at your wealth, health, and happiness. It also factors in how you fit into your network of family and friends. Remember, we are connected to, and even depend on, other people, who in turn have similar bonds with us. If a financial advisor excludes any of these aspects from a holistic financial plan, the results will be sub-optimal and possibly completely unsuccessful. At Efficient Wealth, we specialise in holistic financial advice for your individual financial objectives.

Wealth is an important component of a holistic life. Wealth determines everything. Matthew Killingsworth, a senior fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, showed that money actually can buy happiness. Besides helping you to buy happiness, wealth also improves our health and allows us to help others, which in turn strengthens our social networks. Our Efficient solutions, therefore, focus on planning your wealth component optimally.