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Vision and Mission


To be a leading financial services business that creates value for our clients through a comprehensive financial services offering. 



To be open to our stakeholders’ needs through a client-centred and intrapreneurial business model attuned to sustainable growth and profitability. 


Vision 2020

The Group plans for strategic business growth in five-year cycles. Our five-year strategies are each premised on and intertwined with our Group culture, which ensures the strategy’s potential for actualisation.

The Group core value of accountability demands a commitment from our people to take responsibility for what we do and how we do it, to define a goal and commit to the outcome including finding innovative solutions, and to be held accountable for delivery and result. We translate this into our every-day workings through a performance-based focus. Put simply this means we define goals, set our sights on the endgame, focus on quality and excellence in the process — leading by example from the top down — and measure our progress.

In summary, the tenets of our performance-focussed culture drive our five-year strategies:
1. Measurable
2. Strategic goals
3. Quality
4. Excellence
5. Modelled leadership
6. Competitive




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